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Fishing from the balcony was like being in the wild. Primo Bom resort at Baga Goa has a fabulous setup of waterbodies and luxury inside the cottage.

Shirley, UK
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Mother nature at its glorious best. Unaltered, unadulterated and devoid of artificial sophistication. That is the beginning of what you can expect at Resort Primo Bom Terra Verde. Freedom is probably the best word to describe the resort in one word. Watch birds enjoy their freedom and so do the fish. And so can you, free from worldly worries, simply sit back and gulp the riches of nature. Perched by the side of the gorgeous Baga river, near Calangute Beach steeped in greenery this resort in Goa is a treat for the senses. Water in the lakes is regularly exchanged via sluice gates connected to the Baga Creek.

If you ever thought that luxury and natural bounty cannot co-exist, then this place offers a humble challenge to your perceptions. Imagine, dwelling in a hut (a luxurious hut with all modern amenities we might add) by the side of flowing fresh water, listening to the chirping birds and the melody of flowing water. A primitive, rustic, village setting that is reminiscent of the medieval period offers abundance of tranquility. Yet, not too far from the current day civilization as there are enough activities and things to do in the near vicinity. Yes, such a place does exist. It exists at Calangute, Goa and it is called Primo Bom Terra Verde.

The flora and fauna are a barometer of the environment we live in. Here you find abundance of green - the trees, the grass, the plants, the flowers all vie for your attention. Our resort is a home to several species of local and migratory birds. Hear them chirp merrily while they leave their nest in at sunrise and when they return home at sunset. Catch glimpses of fish meandering their way through the clear waters of the river. An unmistakable evidence of the fact that we care and we treasure our environment.

We care for the environment, we care for our eco systems. Solar water heaters, low wattage fridges and TVs, low consumption ACs, CFL lighting and LEDs are just some of the efforts to reduce damage to the environment to a minimum.

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